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on laptop

If you install PVS on your laptop or other personal computer, you are advised to install PVS 5.0, that we'll use for the class, although 6.0 version is now available too. I have to check compatibility with the previous version before eventually deciding to use this new version.

For installation under Linux, please check PVS download page at CSL.

For Mac OS X, you can check my posts on two forums: I first installed PVS 5.0 on Mac OS X, and had a difficult time making PVS script understand where to find Emacs; when I switched to Mac OS X Lion, I had to install a fix graciously provided to me by Sam Owre, one of the PVS team leaders. This fix made PVS work again on my macBookPro, although there are still some disturbing messages arising on the terminal. Please check class > IT30405 Google group, for my 18 October 2012 related post entitled PVS installation on private or not so private machines”.