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Share answers and questions of general interest about the LISP project on

StackUnderflow: a tool implemented by ENSEIRB-MATMECA students.

Please note that there is no stupid question!

If you want, for more specific requests related to your project team, that you do not wish to share with the rest of the class, or even for individual requests, I invite you to share a Google Docs/Drive dedicated folder with me, according to the procedure below.

This does not replace other tools such as SVN, for managing your LISP files, but is a very useful and lively complement:
  • You can do real time collaboration on text files in gdoc format within your team, and with myself, triggering discussions through comments attached to text fragments;
  • You can seek fine grain advice on LISP files (extracted from SVN and converted into gdoc format) through comments attached to specific LISP code fragments.
Share a folder - Procedure
  1. Make sure you have a valid Google identifier;
  2. Create a Google Docs folder named after your team number or pseudo, for example: “LISP 523 Team” or “LISP Bamboo” if you prefer;
  3. Share this folder with your teammates (if you wish), and with me (pyg AT;
  4. Get the link (URL) to your shared folder (copy it from the Share settings window), as you will need it in the next step;
  5. Have one of the collaborators fill this form.
Organize your folder to share and explain your concerns
  • Make an instance of the Team Forum template available in your shared folder using File > Make a copy, and Organize action if necessary;
  • Use a sub-folder with appropriate name for sharing LISP files: upload LISP files such as foo.lisp (they are now compatible with Google Drive viewer!);
  • It you wish to comment or get comments on LISP code fragments, add a foo gdoc version of foo.lisp file, using Open with > Google docs option; apply some minor formatting to foo (in gdoc format) for better readability:
    • set A4 format with 0.2 inch margins;
    • remove space after all paragraphs and set single space (two commands after selecting the whole text);
    • set Font to Courier New 10 pt for the whole text;
  • Use the Team Forum to explain your concern or request, eventually referring to LISP files.

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