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by Guy L. Steele Jr.
with contributions by
Scott E. Fahlman, Richard P. Gabriel, David A. Moon, and Daniel L. Weinreb
and with contributions to the second edition by
Daniel G. Bobrow, Linda G. DeMichiel, Richard P. Gabriel, Sonya E. Keene, Gregor Kiczales, David A. Moon, Crispin Perdue, Kent M. Pitman, Richard C. Waters, and Jon L White.
[I am glad I found this LISP “bible” on Internet, as my hard copies of the book were all stolen by my colleagues ...]

More to come ...

In the mean time, you will find references in my old (2010-2011) page on Common LISP, embedded below, principally through Irène Durand page on LISP.

Old (2010-2011) pyg page on Common LISP