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access permissions

Independently from whether you share publicly, with anyone with the link, or privately (that is, with Google account holders), you can select different access permissions to the shared items from highest (ownership) to lowest (view):
  • ownership: if you are the owner of a folder or Google document, you can transfer ownership to collaborators whose Google account is associated with an email address in the same domain as yours; as a result, you will get edit permission, as each item has one and only one owner;
  • edit permission: allows your collaborators to modify folders or documents: it is generally wise not to grant edit permission, unless you share the  items privately only with your collaborators (Google account holders); otherwise, you will not be able to identify the authors of modifications, as they will be able to edit anonymously; by default, collaborators with edit permission will be able to modify and grant new access permissions: if you are the owner, you can change this option, so that editors cannot change access permissions;
  • comment permission: allows your collaborators to comment documents;
  • view permission: is the least permission you can grant: people will be able to access folder contents, read documents, download them unless you have explicitly barred this possibility; of course, they won't be able to change access permissions.
Sharing permissions can be revised independently for each document or folder at any time.

Remark: not all access permissions are available, depending on the type of item (folder or document).