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You can upload documents or folders from your local disk to Google Drive. It is best to directly upload them into the target folder you have in mind. Otherwise, it is likely that your data will go at the top level of My Drive, or worst, into some folder that happened to be selected before the upload: you might have to look for it. So the first question you should ask yourself

Which folder do I want to upload my data into?

Note that that your uploaded files will inherit access permissions from the target folder into which they will be uploaded.

Uploading data into a specific folder

Browse within My Drive until you select the desired target folder:
  1.  Select the desired target folder for the upload, in the browsing area, by clicking on the folder: it should hilight in red (Test Sub in this example);
  2. The contents area now displays the contents of the target (selected) folder: in this example, Test Sub being empty, you are invited to drop files in the contents area, where you see a grey circle with Google Drive icon

Here is an example of a local disk window, where the local  CVpyg.pdf  and  factureFT201005pyg  files have just been selected for uploading:

The next screenshot shows these two local files being dragged from the local disk to the Google cloud (into Test Sub folder):
 While the files are being dragged to the contents area, they show up in light grey in this content area, and the big grey circle becomes blue, flashes, and displays an  Incoming!  message.

After releasing the mouse button, and thus dropping the files into the content area, they start uploading (showing progress in a window), and quickly show up in the content area, meaning that the upload is complete:

You can close the  Upload Complete  message window by clicking the close box in its top right corner.

If your browser does not support this convenient “Drag and Drop“ feature, you can still upload files using the red upload button as shown at the beginning of this page, after selecting the target folder.