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create folder

Creating a folder under My Drive
  1. Select My Drive so that it becomes My Drive in red;
  2. Click either on  CREATE  button, or on the grey folder icon with a  .
You see a pop up window inviting you to enter the name of your folder:
  1. Enter the name of your folder;
  2. Validate by clicking on the  Create  button.
Assuming you have entered Test as the name your folder, you will see Test folder appear at the top level of My Drive.

Creating a folder under an existing folder
You can apply the same method as for the creation of a folder under My Drive, except that you select the existing folder, instead of selecting My Drive.

There is another method though, using a contextual menu attached to the folder name:
  1. Mouse your folder name (Test here) in the left pane: Test is highlighted in grey, and a small triangle shows up, pointed downward;
  2. Click on the small triangle, and a popup contextual menu will show up:

Observe that focus has switched from wataproof folder (wataproof now in black) to Test folder; select (and click on) New folder... entry from the Test folder popup contextual menu. The contextual menu will disappear, and leave room to a popup window for naming your folder
  1. Type your new folder name (Test Sub here) in the text area;
  2. Click on the  Create  button to validate the creation of your Test Sub folder under Test folder.
You can now find your new Test Sub folder and further browse:
 You can now see new folder (Test Sub here) in the contents area relative to the Test selected folder (browsing area).
 By clicking on the small triangle pointing to Test folder, in the browser area, you can expand Test and display Test Sub underneath.