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Folders are a convenient way or organizing information. With Google Drive left pane, you can explore folders, and select a folder to display its contents in the main pane. The root of all folders is “My Drive”, which is initially empty. Here is an example where "My Drive" contains two folders, “Teaching” and "wataproof“:

Note that My Drive appears in red, because it has been selected. You can navigate in My Drive folder hierarchy (left pane), by clicking on small triangles to the left of My Drive or to the left of a folder. You can thus open or close My Drive or folders. Triangles will point downward when the folder is open, to the right when it is closed. Another way to open a folder is to click on it in the main pane. In the following screen shot, My Drive and wataproof are open, Teaching is closed, and wataproof is selected and displays its contents in the main pane:

There are several actions concerned with folders:
  • create: create a new folder under My Drive or some existing folder;
  • organize: add a folder to one or more folders, remove it from one or more folders;
  • rename: change the name of a folder;
  • share: change access rights.
Among these actions, only the firs one is specific of folders; the other ones also apply to documents.