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Fotopedia is shutting down on August 10, 2014! This is a very sad news, for all of us who enjoyed this rich and rapidly growing collection of high quality “Images for Humanity”, available on Internet or devices, and share stories. We could thus spend hours traveling without traveling [and that saved us a lot of money!].
  • Facebook: 36930 - no, 36950 - persons like Fotopedia;
  • Twitter: 5046 followers;
  • Fotopedia apps: how many downloads up to now? In June 2011, 3.2 million downloads altogether, according to an article by Erick Schonfeld.
Let's have a dream: if the 36950 Facebook likes were converted into US $, with 100 $ per like, that would make 3.69 million $, maybe enough to continue Fotopedia adventure for a while, give Fotonauts some time to find a financial solution …

I don't know the number of Fotopedia app downloads on iPads or iPhones to this day, but if those downloads were charged a few bucks, maybe that would generate some cash … it might actually generate millions of bucks!

Here is a poll (my sole responsibility), to find out how much money Fotopedia supporters would be willing to pay for the continuation of this adventure, and under what form. For remarks or suggestions, please use Fotopedia is shutting down blog.

Please do not hesitate to spread the Fotopedia poll URL by all means, within Fotopedia community and even outside!

Note to Fotonauts team: if you think this poll is a bad idea, please let me know, and I will remove the poll and page immediately. The last thing I would like to do is any harm to Fotopedia or the people who designed Fotopedia!

Fotopedia poll